About me

Me - Photo by ChupaCabras

Hello everyone, don’t be afraid of my photo..kkk. my name is Gabriel Malaquias, I’m 23 and software developer at Locaweb. Currently I’m trying to learn English. My preferred programming language is Ruby <3, but now I’m trying to use some functional language as Elixir or Clojure. I already programmed in Java (the majority at the university), little things in C# and I made some experiences in Android.

The reasons to make this blog are to learn english (please be patient with me) and show what I’m doing or learning or studing. The content can be helpful to somebody, or not..kkk

My first Job was as a Mechanic, when I was 17, and the journey to change my mindset was long and tiring. I have a degree in Analysis and systems development, I was graduated a one year and half ago, but I believe that i will learn everyday because many people has many amazing things to show.

I believe in team work and engagement, this things are really important to me, because I NEVER will know everything and when I really need to do something I give all of me to complete the objectives. I like to help somebody with something that I learnt and I need a lots of help of many people. It’s like a co-work to continuous growth of knowledge.

That’s all I expect that blog can be helpful and I will try to have fun writing.


You can find me here: GitHub LinkedIn