IoT Saga - Part 1 - My first (for development) setup for a hanami application

Hello, Today I’m gonna talk about Hanami, I really wish to use it, then I decided to create a project to combine everything that I want to learn. I intend to do a saga covering my journey to complete it. I intend to use some technologies like MQTT and RXTX to do the communication with my Arduino and after that an application to execute some commands on my board. This saga is inspired by this post (made by a friend of mine), but I decided to use different tools, languages or frameworks to get some new knowledge.

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OO programmers, Monads may be useful to us too

Hello, I saw the “Monad” concept at first time at TDC(São Paulo) 2016 at the functional programming Track. I didn’t get any use possibility in speech (maybe because I don’t know Haskell), but three months ago, when I started to work in a Java project with two collegues, a senior job colleague convinced me to use java.util.Optional in some cases along this project “It’s cool”, he said. He already worked with Scala using some monadics built-in tools, then he knows the monads advantages.

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Playing with circuit-breakers

At this year I went to QCon São Paulo, I saw many cool things and many new technologies. At the conference, some speakers talked about how we can make resilient systems. Kolton Andrus (slides) has spoken about of Netflix Toolset, he mentioned Spinnaker, Chaos Kong and Hystrix. I like so much of Hystrix, because the concept behind this mechanism sounds very simple and can be useful in many situations. In this post, I will try to talk about it.

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Using dry-auto_inject with rails

Around of 2 or 3 months ago, I saw dry-rb at the first time, I thought: “Oh, that’s awesome, I have to experiment”. Today is the day! If you are thinking: “Oh, sorry what is Dry-rb?”. I will explain… Well, Dry-rb is a bunch of tools to simplify and help us to make some code improvements.

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